Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide in both men and women, accounting for over 17 million deaths per year, and often striking in the prime of life. This number is expected to grow to nearly 24 million by 20301.


Cardurion is a recently launched, Boston-based cardiovascular biotechnology company developing new therapeutics for the treatment of heart failure and cardiovascular diseases. In July, 2017, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and Cardurion Pharmaceuticals announced the creation of a new preclinical partnership to develop novel, next-generation therapeutics for the treatment of heart failure and cardiovascular diseases. The partnership with Cardurion follows Takeda’s strategy to leverage external innovation by placing selected assets and outstanding scientists in an entrepreneurial setting and enables the Discovery programs of Cardurion.


In April 2018, Cardurion announced the Company entered an exclusive licensing agreement with Astellas to develop and commercialize CRD-733, a PDE-9 inhibitor with the potential to improve cardiac function in heart failure patients. With recent evidence supporting that inhibition of PDE-9 has potential to restore heart-protective mechanisms that are dysfunctional in heart failure, CRD-733 has the potential to address the cell-signaling breakdown that contributes to the progression of heart failure.


Cardurion is led by two distinguished physician-scientists with extensive experience in cardiovascular science, medicine and drug development: Michael Mendelsohn, M.D. founder and executive board chairman and Daniel Bloomfield, M.D. chief medical officer.


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