Christopher Morabito, M.D.Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Christopher Morabito is an experienced physician-scientist and drug developer. His biopharmaceutical career spans two decades, during which he has worked with urgency to advance medicines to patients with complex diseases in multiple therapeutic areas, particularly in cardiovascular diseases.

    Chris has extensive experience in cardiovascular disease drug development. He has served as clinical or program lead for numerous programs across heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus at Merck, Sanofi, and Takeda. He has overseen numerous phase 1, proof-of-concept, and pivotal (including CV outcome) studies. He joined Takeda originally to lead a potential best in class direct renin inhibitor for hypertension and heart failure. Trained as a neonatologist at the Cardiovascular Research Institute at University of California, San Francisco, he focused on neonatal cardiology and was a NIH-funded scientist interrogating mechanisms of cardiomyocyte development.

    Most recently, Chris was Senior Vice President and Head, Research and Development, Plasma—Derived Therapies at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. In that role, he established a complete R&D organization and built a pipeline of life-transforming medicines for patients with rare and difficult to manage diseases. Prior to that, he served as Head, Pipeline Strategy for global R&D at Takeda, where he influenced the integrated development of R&D programs across Takeda’s therapeutic areas. While in this role, he was instrumental in the acquisition and integration of Shire.