Next Generation Therapeutics for the Treatment of Heart Failure and Cardiovascular Diseases
Management and Advisory Team with Extensive Experience in Cardiovascular Science, Medicine and Drug Development
Committed to Transforming the Lives of the Millions of People Living With Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide in both men and women, accounting for more than 17 million deaths per year, a number that is expected to grow to nearly 24 million by 2030.

Cardurion Pharmaceuticals is a privately held cardiovascular biotechnology company. Our mission is to transform the treatment of cardiovascular diseases by translating the science of cardiac myocyte signaling pathways into groundbreaking therapeutics.

Cardurion, a Boston-based, clinical-stage cardiovascular biotechnology company, is developing novel, next-generation therapeutics for the treatment of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases, including both rare and more common arrhythmia disorders. Cardurion has locations in both Massachusetts and Japan, surrounded in each place by vibrant academic research institutions that support biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.
Cardurion was founded in 2017 by Michael Mendelsohn, M.D., Cardurion’s Executive Chairman. The company is led by physicians, scientists and industry executives with extensive experience in cardiovascular science, medicine and drug development.