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Research and Development

Cardurion is dedicated to advancing novel mechanisms to create new treatments for cardiovascular disease, which remains the most significant cause of morbidity and mortality in our society.

To achieve this, we are focused on deep science, innovation, and collaboration as we work to create new treatments for heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases, and to bring transformative medicines to patients in areas of high unmet need.

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Cardurion KK Drug Discovery Unit

Cardurion KK, is the preclinical Drug Discovery unit of Cardurion, our Japanese subsidiary. Cardurion KK is based in Shonan, Japan and has a team of 14 highly experienced cardiovascular drug discovery scientists led by Shota Ikeda, Ph.D.


The team at Cardurion KK specializes in leveraging cutting-edge medicinal chemistry, computational molecular modeling and design, molecular biology, including genetic engineering. Cardurion KK has state-of-the-art laboratories for organic chemistry, biology facilities, and robust knowledge and expertise in cardiovascular research.


Working together, the Cardurion KK team has advanced our first CaMKII inhibitor molecule into clinical development. The Cardurion KK team is currently progressing additional CaMKII inhibitors through preclinical development and identifying new drug candidates for other cardiovascular targets.

Our Pipeline

See how Cardurion’s pipeline is expanding, positioning us for rapid growth across multiple indications. Please note that the safety and efficacy of the agents below are under investigation and have not been established.







PDE9 Inhibitors


Heart Failure (HFpEF & HFrEF)
Stage: Phase 2 / 2B

Heart Failure


Heart Failure (HFrEF)
Stage: Phase 2 / 2B

Heart Failure

CaMKII Inhibitors


CVPT, Other CV Disease
Stage: Phase 2 / 2B

CPVT, Other CV Disease

IV program

CV Disease
Stage: Pre-Clinical

CV Disease

2nd Oral program

CV Disease
Stage: Discovery

CV Disease

TRPC6 Inhibitor

Preclinical program

Fibrotic CMPs
Stage: Discovery

Fibrotic CMPs

CMP: Cardiomyopathies
CPVT: Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia
CV: Cardiovascular

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