Board Advisors

Daniel M. Bloomfield, M.D.

Senior Advisor

Daniel M. Bloomfield M.D., MPhil, FACC, FAHA is a physician-scientist and industry executive with a diverse career that spans years of effective collaboration across a worldwide organization, partnership with the FDA, leading development programs to completion and shaping the future of cardiac safety in drug development within a changing regulatory environment. Dan was senior vice president, global clinical development at Merck Research Laboratories, and was the therapeutic area head for Cardiometabolic and Women’s Health Programs at the time he joined Cardurion in 2017 as the company’s first CEO. In Fall of 2018, Dr. Bloomfield stepped down as CEO and became Cardurion’s first Chief Medical Officer. In July 2019, Dr. Bloomfield left his role as CMO of Cardurion, but has retained a role as Senior Advisor to Cardurion in order to continue his contributions to Cardurion’s clinical activities. Dr. Bloomfield received his B.A. from Haverford College in chemistry and took a Master’s degree at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He then attended Harvard Medical School, followed by Internal Medicine and Cardiology training at Columbia. Dr. Bloomfield and then joined the Columbia faculty upon graduation before moving to Merck in 2003.


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