Toshio Nakata, Ph.D.Senior Advisor, Japan

    Toshio Nakata, Ph.D. is the former president and chairman of Biogen Japan and Biogen Idec Japan, as well as former vice president and senior vice president of Biogen Inc and Biogen Idec Inc. During his time at Biogen, he was responsible for creating and building the company in Japan to develop and market Biogen drugs. Additionally, he served as the corporate deputy director and general manager in technical development department (Tokyo, Duesseldorf and London) of Mitsui & Co. Dr. Nakata also served as general manager of the global environment department and chairman of the task force on Emission Trading and Joint Implementation for the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations. He served as an assistant professor at University of Tokyo in the department of biological chemistry. He received a Ph.D. in chemistry and a B.S. in chemistry from University of Tokyo.